A Aida está presente em 60 países e tem promovido a divulgação de assuntos relativos ao direito dos seguros

Resolução Alternativa de Litígios de consumo

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Lançamento do novo website AIDA

AIDA is delighted to announce the launch of a new website with a new AIDA website address.

This will serve also as the hosting website for AIDA’s two Regional Groupings, AIDA Europe and CILA (Comité Ibero-Latinoamericano de AIDA), with all pages devoted to CILA events and activities featuring for the first time in both English and Spanish.

With many fresh features, providing extensive details about AIDA’s 25 Working Parties, 48 National Sections, 6 affiliated ARIAS Societies, its many Young AIDA participants and about AIDA’s events/meetings, people and contacts around the globe, we trust that you will like the new website and come to visit and populate it regularly in AIDA’s quest to share knowledge, experience and ideas across 10,000 and more already associated with AIDA and many beyond concerned with the development and application of insurance laws worldwide.